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Learn how to create your masterpiece with the Sculpture for Beginners class. In this class, we'll start with basic techniques and then travel as a group to portray more complex landscapes. People of all ages and experience levels are welcome at this workshop, which aims to inspire participants to explore their artistic expression.

Raw Clay


Want to learn how to use new art materials? Join the Photography class today. This class is a great option for people who have already taken the introductory course at Ellora Ateliê. During each session, we will gradually abandon the basic elements of art in order to start creating more meaningful artwork.


Make new friends and have fun in my Painting class while honing your skills. This is an excellent and enjoyable way to step out of your comfort zone while developing your artistic talent. I personally observe each student to discover and work out their deficiencies, starting from the most basic art techniques.

Artist Holding a Paintbrush
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